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osobní trénink s trenérem

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Overweight is one of the major problems of our society today. Overweight is connected to several health risks, complications and limitations. An important role in overweight causes is played by genes. However, majority is caused by life style!
trenér cardiostroj
In the face to face fight with overweight we introduce our effective reduce solution! The training plan is very efficient as well as healthy and natural, and consists of diet and exercise adjustment. It also encourages a complete life style change which is necessary for winning the fight with overweight.

Our professional trainers will establish an individual training plan with respect to your physical possibilities and which will continuously and ultimately focus on reduction of fats in your organism.

Reduce solution will benefit your health and physical condition!

Why choose us?

  • We have over 30 years of experience
  • We have over 10 thousand satisfied clients in the area of weight reduction
  • Our specialists are re-examined every quarter to ensure the best professional quality
  • Client is always first
  • We are equipped with professional fitness and cardio machines
  • We use special equipment to diagnose body condition.

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Product summary

  • Initial health consultation with personal trainer
  • Body condition diagnostics by using a professional machine Tanita
  • 12 x 60 min. training with personal trainer
  • Establishment of training plan
  • Nutrition consulting and support

Product conditions

  • Voucher is valid for 2 months after first training
  • It is possible to use the voucher as a gift
  • It is not possible to exchange the voucher for money
  • The voucher can be used in any of the Prague clubs
  • Reservation of the first visit has to be arranged at least 24 hours in advance.